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NIU Blue eyed husky





our 2020-2021 schedule is Here!

who are we?

We are NIU's men's gymnastics team! We compete against other college teams within the GymACT division. Our goal is to allow gymnasts to continue to compete at the collegiate level as well as experience all it has to offer. You can find our ranking on Road to Nationals to see where we stand among the other schools!

NIU Men's Team Windy City 2020

our coaches

Josh Levin Rings
Trent Jarrett Still Rings

Josh Levin

trent jarrett



Help us out

Northern Illinois Universities men's gymnastics team does not have any sponsors or donors. In order to pay for competitions and travel the team has to raise money. This is accomplished through setting up and tearing down gymnastics gyms, creating fundraisers and accepting donations. Our team is a not-for-profit organization and anything helps to support us! We appreciate everyones support and we are excited to see where this team can go!

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"It’s definitely a necessity to make split-second decisions when you’re doing gymnastics because things don’t always go perfect."

Jacob dalton