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The Northern Illinois University men's gymnastics team does not receive much funding from the school and due to this they have to earn money to support themselves in other ways. One way our team is able to fund its travel and competitions is by allowing donations. There is no requirement to donate to the team but every penny counts. We greatly appreciate any support and we hope to be able to continue to grow and expand the team as well as the world of gymnastics!


If you would rather donate to our GoFundMe instead of directly sending us a donation then that works just fine! We create a fundraiser for our team in order to help pay some of our season fees. No matter the donation anything will help support our team and all their ambitions this season! Thank you for helping our team!

We would like to thank everybody who donated to our GoFundMe! It helped us be able to afford our new uniforms and be ready for season! If it wasn't for all you who supported we wouldn't be able to be where we are now! Thank you all so much!